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Level 2 Sports Leader Award

The aim of the course is to give students the necessary skills to lead groups in sport and recreational activity.

It encourages participants to take responsibility for others, to develop organisational and communication skills and to develop their knowledge and self-confidence.

Course content

The course is divided into the following eight units of work, all of which must be completed.

  1. Organisational skills
  2. Safety in sport
  3. Know your friends
  4. Fitness for sport
  5. Leagues and competitions
  6. Improvisation of activities
  7. Games and activity experience
  8. Ten hours' voluntary leadership experience.

Duration of course

The course is taught in weekly timetabled lessons of 70 minutes during one full school year. Time to complete the voluntary leadership experience is additional.

Why should a student undertake the Level 2 Sports Leader Award?

It allows for the development of confidence, skills and knowledge enabling candidates to become voluntary leaders in community sport. It is a recognised qualification and may lead to future employment.