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Parents and carers

Parents really matter - the research says:

‘The best way to support a child’s achievement, attendance and behaviour is the positive partnership between the school and parents.’ Harris 2009

We asked Bay House parents what we were doing that supported our partnership:

You told us that the things you like are:

  • Information about your child that you understand and can easily access
  • Information you can respond to
  • Things that make talking easy (i.e. postcards home, praise, positive achievements, up to date issues)
  • Easy access to staff when we need it
  • Being listened to (not talked at, or judged)
  • Sharing what is happening in school, like the school performances and learning evenings
  • Opportunities to visit school and staff like the 'drop in' sessions and parent's evenings.

And as a result of your feedback we'd like to get even better so this year we will be looking at:

  • Sharing your child's progress data with you in an easily accessible way
  • A review (led by pupils) of rewards and how we share these with you
  • A brief 'who to contact' map on the webpage (see below)
  • Parents seeing some of the home learning activities online
  • Having 'tours of the school' as well as 'drop ins'
  • Online bookings for parent's evening


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