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Junior Headship Team & Pupil Voice

“As the Junior Headship Team, we strive to improve Bay House and the way it works as well as inspiring the younger pupils to achieve their goals. We also aim to create a calm and peaceful learning environment where pupils can reach their full potential”

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Deputy Head Girl
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Jade - Head Girl

Hello, my name is Jade and I am the Head Girl. Two of my favourite subjects are Dance and Drama here at Bay House. In my spare time, I love to write and listen to music. I am very much looking forward to working with everyone as a team and helping Bay House improve as a school through the voices of the pupils.

Harry - Head Boy

Hello, my name is Harry and I am very proud to be the Head Boy of Bay House School. My favourite subjects are Maths, Chemistry and English. Outside of school, I enjoy playing football and tennis as well as playing the guitar and dancing. I have great aspirations to improve the school this year.

Ellie - Deputy Head Girl

Hello, my name is Ellie and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls. My three favourite subjects are PE, Catering and Chemistry. I love every sport and I am currently training with Gosport Ladies FC. My other interests include reading and writing. I am looking forward to getting the Pupil’s voices heard throughout the school.

Bobby - Deputy Head Girl

Hi. My name is Bobby and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls. In regards to school, my favourite subjects are Biology, Drama, English and Mandarin Chinese; in my spare time I love to read, play my Saxophone and try new things.

The school gives us a number of great opportunities to achieve our goals and develop in ourselves as people; I look forward to taking this opportunity to help to continue improving the school's learning environment, for pupils and staff alike, alongside such a great team of people.

Eleanor - Deputy Head Girl

Hi! I’m Eleanor and one of the deputy head girls. I enjoy this role because I feel that I can help make a difference to the school community as part of a team. My favourite lessons are maths and science and I enjoy school. In my spare time, I like to play the clarinet, play cricket, go on bike rides, meet up with my friends, ice-skate and read.

Connor - Deputy Head Boy

Hello, I’m Connor and I am one of the Deputy Head Boys. My favourite subjects are Drama and History. I am very much looking forward to working with the school as a community and helping improve pupil relations.

Cameron - Deputy Head Boy

Hello, my name is Cam, and I am one of the Deputy Head Boy's at Bay House. My favourite subjects are Geography, History and Maths, although I still enjoy my other lessons very much! Outside of school, I enjoy Performing Arts, and I currently perform with the Fareham Musical Society, and in Youth Theatre. I'm also an avid football fan (supporting Pompey since the day I was born) as well as other sports. I'm looking forward to being a part of the Junior Headship Team this academic year.

Rory - Deputy Head Boy

Hi, my name is Rory and I am one of the three Deputy Head Boys. My favourite subjects include Drama and English, but in my spare time I enjoy playing tennis and supporting Sunderland AFC. I am looking forward to making a positive impact here at Bay House.

Junior Headship Team

Prefects (from the Latin praeficere which means ‘to lead’) are selected for their ability to lead others and are, indeed, pupil leaders.

Prefects have the responsibility to set an example to others in the school community through a positive attitude to learning, good citizenship and good conduct. Prefects are expected to be role models for the younger pupils to aspire to and are required to undertake various duties throughout the year.

The role of Prefect requires commitment and applicants are asked to consider the impact of this in the year they will also be taking their GCSE examinations.

Specifically, the role of a prefect involves:

  • Wearing a different colour outer garment at all times and having a visible ‘presence’ around the school
  • Lunch duties working alongside staff to supervise other pupils
  • Helping during selected open evenings such as the Year 6 Open Evening and the Year 7 Meet the Tutors event
  • Being the 'face' of the school at other events
  • Working with and supporting the pupils and tutor of an allocated Year 7 or Year 8 tutor group each week in their tutor base
  • Helping younger pupils by becoming involved in clubs and societies

Prefects are awarded the further opportunity to apply for the additional responsibility of the Head Boy or Girl and Deputy Head Boy or Girl positions. Successful applicants for these roles are formally interviewed by a panel of Senior Leadership Team members and a representative from the Governing Body.

The responsibility of the Junior Headship Team includes:

  • Presenting assemblies
  • Attending governors meetings (when requried)
  • Attending meetings with senior leaders (when required)
  • Attending additional parents evenings
  • Primary school visits

Pupil Voice

As a school, we feel it important that pupils in all Years are empowered into leadership opportunities. In the past, we used to run a system called 'Pupil Voice', that covered this in a basic form, but rarely led to pupils feeling involved across the school.

Therefore, the process of a reformed structure has been discussed, with the hope of providing these opportunities like desired. The proposed structure involves 1 boy and 1 girl from each Tutor Group being elected to serve on a Year Group team. From there, two pupils from that team will be elected onto a whole school board, which will take more responsibility in the leadership of projects. Both these teams will work in co-operation with the Junior Headship Team and Senior Staff to act on ideas and projects.

We believe that the reformed system will lead to a growth in student mindset; our aim is to encourage and promote self-belief through leadership and creativity, enabling students to be more confident in using their initiative and imagination, whilst working within a team in a friendly, effective, and efficient environment. The skills picked up by being part of these leadership opportunities will be those that can be easily transferred into later life, particularly within the workplace.

In the short term, the hope is to launch the system across the school, and to begin working on preliminary ideas and projects. It is hoped that in this period, we can gain support from all across the school to enable this exciting opportunity to continue long into the future. Should there be any queries, please consult the Junior Headship Team or Mrs Cornish on how to get involved.