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Foundations of Learning

The Foundations of Learning is a framework to enable us to help pupils reflect on their strengths and areas for development in four key areas:

Self Awareness is about helping our learners understand what motivates them, their strengths and weaknesses and the positive impact they can have on the world around them.

Independence & Resilience is about enabling learners to become confident and skillful enough to take control of their own learning, building on mistakes and persevering to achieve long-term goals.

Thinking Skills is about exploring the way we process information, from the understanding of a new concept, to making links between new and existing knowledge and ultimately to 'creating' new knowledge and layers of understanding.

Collaboration & Relationships is about developing an understanding of others and how to shape our words and actions to build strong relationships and achieve successful outcomes when working with others.

The following video documents the journey we have been on as a community of schools to create the Foundations of Learning, which includes teachers and pupils talking about why they are so important.

We feel very passionate about supporting the children who come to Bay House achieve their full potential, not only by helping them achieve outstanding academic qualifications and knowledge but also helping them to build their expertise in the four key areas of the Foundations of Learning. 

From September 2016 we will be promoting the growth of the Foundations of Learning in various ways:

  1. Through the use of the planner as a reflection tool used in tutor time and in lessons. The planner will contain information in pupil-friendly language about the Foundations and ‘ladders’ which will show pupils how they can make progress from ‘developing’ to ‘consolidating’ to ‘expert’ in each of the four foundation areas.
  2. Through our Rewards System and culture of celebration and recognition. Your child will be able to accumulate ‘stamps’ as recognition of how they are progressing on their journey to becoming an ‘expert’ in all four Foundations. Classroom teachers and tutors will be looking to recognise and reward successful learning and habits, linked to Foundations, through a range of approaches, including verbal feedback, contacting home and issuing Foundation of Learning stamps which will be collected in your child’s planner.
    During tutor time there will be the opportunity to regularly record the rewards achieved as they are accumulated. Your child will also be regularly asked to reflect on where they currently feel they are on their journey to becoming an ‘expert’ in the four foundations. Members of a tutor group will be invited to share examples from their school and home experiences where they have had to use some of these foundation skills and have felt they have strengthened in a particular area.
  3. Through Celebratory Awards evenings. At the end of each academic year pupils and their parents are invited to join us for an evening to celebrate their attainment and progress in each of the four Foundations of Learning. Pupils who have received the highest number of stamps throughout the year will be awarded with a certificate at Awards Evening.

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