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Religious Education

Religious Education - Experiences and Opportunities

As an academy, at Bay House School and Sixth Form we teach RE within the requirements for a locally agreed syllabus, set out in section 375 (3) of the Education Act 1996 and paragraph (5) of Schedule 19 to the School Standards and Framework Act 1998. Our syllabus ‘reflects the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are, in the main, Christian while taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religions represented in Great Britain’.

Every agreed syllabus shall reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian whilst taking account of the teaching and practices of the other principal religions represented in Great Britain.

During Key Stage 3, our teaching of Religious Education offers pupils:

  • encounters with people from different religious, non-religious, cultural and philosophical groups, who can express a range of convictions on religious and ethical issues
  • visits, where possible, to places of major religious significance, locally, nationally and even internationally
  • opportunities in ICT to enhance understanding of religious and non-religious spiritual insights, beliefs and practices
  • contexts in which to discuss, question and evaluate important issues in religion and philosophy, including ultimate questions and ethical issues
  • time to reflect on and carefully evaluate their own beliefs and values and those of others in response to their learning in Religious Education, using reasoned and balanced arguments
  • situations in which to use a range of forms of expression, (such as art and design, dance, drama, ICT, music and writing) to communicate their ideas and responses creatively and thoughtfully chances to explore the connections between Religious Education and other subject areas, such as the arts, humanities, literature and science. 

Off-Timetable Religious Experience Day

Click here for full details of our Off-Timetable Religious Experience Day.

Key Stage 4 - Religious Studies

Religious Studies is the only subject that explores the purpose of human existence.

A GCSE qualification in Religious Studies is invaluable for those aspiring to study at university. The subject will aid skills in critical reasoning and debate, whilst also providing a unique insight into a wide range of beliefs, practices, traditions and cultures. The content is both interesting and contemporary and helps learners to make sense of the complex and ever-changing world in which we live.

Learners will complete two written examination papers at the end of the course (1 hour and 30mins each), Religion and Life (50%) and Religion and Society (50%) comprising of the following 4 units:

Religion and Life (Year 10)

  • Believing in God
  • Life and Death
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Religion and Community Cohesion.

Religion and Society (Year 11)

  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Religion and the Environment
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Crime and Punishment

The RE department use a wide variety of teaching and learning resources including, mobile technology, games, music, films, PowerPoint presentations, religious artefacts and cameras to enhance topics studied. There is also comprehensive resources and support for pupils on Bay House Learning.

Pupils will gain additional learning opportunities through trips and an exciting mix of guest speakers to further enrich learning, such as; Dr Gascoigne (Southampton University), Sister Elizabeth Pio (Southsea Convent) and a local minister and nurse to name a few.

But don’t just take our word for it…

"It helps you look deeper into what you believe in. Also it is very fun!!" (HK, Yr10)

"It’s not just all about religion, it’s a lot more interesting and you learn about things like the big bang theory and evolution." (FE, Yr10)

"I love RE because it allows me to learn about the religions of different people within society" (CL Yr 11)

"I have enjoyed this course so much because it allows me to discuss and argue controversial issues. I cannot wait to take it at A-Level!" (CM, Yr11)

Religious Studies is useful for a career in….

  • Medicine, Police, Armed forces and the caring professions (social work, nursing and probation service).
  • Preparation for A-Level:  Religious Studies, History, English, Law, Sociology Psychology, Government and Politics, Theology, Philosophy.