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Education for years 7-11

At Bay House School we have a clear mission:

‘It is our moral accountability to all our learners to raise achievement, close gaps, support well being and develop the range of learning capacities through a principled curriculum which is a sum of all the learners’ experiences. These collective experiences will ensure the sustained growth of an effective ‘Learner Voice’ which encourages contributions from the diversity of our learner population and community that has significant impact and influence on the School.’

What does this mean in practice?

It means we take our responsibilities to our learners and their parents very seriously, and work together:

  • To ensure every learner achieves to their very best
  • So no learner is left behind at any stage of their time at Bay House 
  • Doing all we can to make sure every learner has quality learning experiences in and beyond the classroom and that we look after their well being
  • In partnerships to ensure our school community is the best it can be.

How do we measure our success?

By looking at every learner’s achievement and progress

  • GCSE results
  • progress made in every subject across different stages of the year
  • how our pupil’s achievement compares to others across the country
  • how well our tutor time supports pupil’s achievement and well being

By looking at the quality of teaching and learning across the school, specifically:

  • how we are developing pupil’s independent learning
  • how well we feedback to our pupils so they know how to improve
  • how good every learning experience is

By looking at how well we use evidence to plan appropriate interventions, use these interventions and then see how successful they are on individuals or groups of learners.

We also look at how we are constantly developing our teachers and support staff in meeting these goals.