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Exam results

In 2016 the school achieved a Progress 8 score of +0.5, representing its best ever progress performance. 

We are the delighted with the superb achievements of our Year 11 which are some of the best results the school has ever achieved. 83% of pupils achieved an A*-C i/GCSE grade in English and in the mathematics GCSE 74% of pupils achieved A*-C. 

In addition, under the government's Progress 8 measure for the best eight subjects, these are the school's best ever results and will be judged as outstanding.

Disadvantaged pupils in receipt of the Pupil Premium made progress at Bay House School and Sixth Form at the same rate (-0.03) as all pupils in local authority maintained mainstream schools (and better than all pupils in Free Schools, UTCs and Studio Schools).

Cohort Summary Total Percent
Cohort 343 100
Average Total Points 504.04  
Average Total Capped8 336.57  
Average Total Capped8 inc EM 335.47  
Average Total Capped8 +EM 419.16  
Average Total Capped8 GCSE Only 318.7  
Average Grade Per Student C  
Average Points Per Grade Per Student 39.46  
Average Grade Per Student (Capped at Best 8) C+  
Average Points Per Grade Per Student (Capped at Best 8) 42.07  
KS2 / Progress Summary Total Percent
Average Core KS2 Level Per Student 4b  
Average Core KS2 APS per Student 26.7  
Average Core KS2 Levels of Progress per Eligible Student 3.32  
Progress/Attainment 8 Total Percent
Average Total Attainment 8 52.74  
Average Attainment 8 Grade 5.27  
Average Estimated Attainment 8 48.04  
Average Total Progress 8 0.5  
Progress 8 Upper Confidence Limit 0.56  
Progress 8 Lower Confidence Limit 0.33  
Pupils Included (Progress 8 Coverage) 335 97.7
E-Bacc Total Measure Total Percent
Students Entered For the E-BACC 164 47.8
Students in COHORT Achieving the E-BACC 99 28.9
Value Added Total Measure Total Percent
Capped8 +EM VA Score 1035.675  
Capped8 +EM Upper Confidence Limit 1043.629  
Capped8 +EM Lower Confidence Limit 1027.72  
Capped8 +EM Pupils Included (Coverage) 335 97.7

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